Encounters with conflict and peace
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The origins of conflict
A very short history of Rwanda film - Rwandan Stories
History, inequality and oppression
The Belgians found the Tutsi easier to get along with: just one of the many twists and turns that have shaped Rwanda. Get up to speed on 100 years of east African history in three and a half minutes...
My firend the killer film - Rwandan Stories
My friend the killer
A young Rwandan woman tells how she became friends with one of the interahamwe militia. "I ran into a group of them armed with machetes and grenades. They started pushing me around...
Hutu and Tutsi film, Rwandan Stories
Hutu and Tutsi
The ideas around Hutu and Tutsi have played a big part in Rwanda's history. Confused about who's who? Find out what Hutu and Tutsi has meant to Rwandans...
Ntaramah church massacre film Rwanda
The Ntarama church massacre
As trouble escalated, terrified Tutsis gathered in the Catholic church in Ntarama, A few days later, on 11th April 1994, soldiers and militia attacked the compound. Alisa tells her story...
In the marshes film - Rwandan Stories
A day in the marshes
Thousands of people hid from the gangs of killers among the papyrus and mud of the marshes around the Nyabarongo River. Survivors and killers remember what it was like...
A good man film - Rwandan Stories
A good man
Olivier, a young Rwandan, talks about his grandfather.
"We know you're a good person but we have orders to kill you, so this is what we're going to do...
Aftermath of genocide Rwanda film
The aftermath of genocide
The country had been ransacked. There was not a penny in the public coffers. There were no offices intact, no chairs, no desks, no paper, no telephones, nothing at all...
I came to Rwanda film - John Steward
I came to Rwanda: John
John Steward says,"I came to Rwanda with my wife in 1997 to manage the healing, peacebuilding and reconciliation team for World Vision Rwanda. I saw a country moving at half pace...
Rwandan genocide survivor questions film Rwandan Stories
Survivor questions
John Steward took a job with World VIsion Rwanda after the genocide. He remembers the questions well: "Are we really over this? Will I be next to suffer? Where was the U.N?”...
I came to Rwanda - Laura Rurangwe - film
I came to Rwanda: Laura
Laura loves Rwanda - the landscape and the culture - but clearly remembers a darker time when she returned to Rwanda with her family, as a seven year old a few months after the genocide...
I came to Rwanda film - Annet Ikiiriza
I came to Rwanda: Annet
Annet said, "When I first arrived, I wasn't sure what might happen - sometimes I thought I might die. My work was to talk to children who had lost contact with their families and try to re-unite them...
Gacaca -restorative justice in Rwanda film
Talking about what happened
Phil Clark has spent nine years doing fieldwork research in Rwanda. He believes that the way Rwanda has dealt with the genocide has been confronting, but ultimately positive...
Creative justice - Phil Clark - Rwanda
Has gacaca delivered justice?
400,000 suspects have gone through this process in nine years, 11,000 communities have been involved, and incredibly, this system has only cost about US$ 55 million...
Gacaca - soft justice? Rwandan Stories
Is it soft justice?
In trying to do justice on such a scale, Rwanda hasn’t been able to deliver exactly the form of justice that a lot of genocide survivors would have liked. Many of them would have preferred harsher penalties...”
Gacaca: and experiment in justice in Rwanda - film
An experiment in justice
Five years on, about 120,000 alleged genocide criminals were being held in Rwanda’s prisons. The courts were swamped - it was going to take over 100 years to get through the backlog...
Making amends for murder film - Rwandan Stories
Making amends for murder
Josephine lost more than 50 relatives in the genocide. How do you compensate for that? She says, "most of the perpetrators have nothing to give, but they need to do what they can..."
Building peace in Rwanda
Building peace
Rwandan people are amazing! They’ve lived through things that are unimaginable. They’ve seen the worst that human beings can be, and now they seem determined to replace that with the best.
Rwanda today
The long term effects of genocide
Long term effects of genocide
Josephine Munyeli works with a recovery and trauma healing team in the capital, Kigali. "What is being done in the healing work is like a drop in the ocean. There are still people who haven’t yet been given the opportunity to talk about their stories and now, after more than 10 years, it is becoming too much..."
About us
Dirt tracks in Rwanda - Rwandan Stories
Dirt tracks in Rwanda
In 1996, just two years after the genocide, John Steward took a job with World Vision Rwanda as manager of healing, peace-building and reconciliation programs. In 2007, on one of his last visits to Rwanda, he invited Dave Fullerton and his video gear to join him. Dave fell in love with the place and RwandanStories is the result of that collaboration...